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Can you code my app?

Short answer, yes. We will build a dedicated development team with UX-UI experts and programmers that can build your app in no time. But knowing that our primary goal is to deliver value to you, we will tell you if we find any shortcomings in the app definition.

Will you help me to get investors?

Yes, once your product is launched on the market and generating value for you and your users, we will put you in contact with potential investors so that you can expand your business.

Can you guarantee that an MVP will work?

We can't foresee whether the market will respond to your idea positively right away. What we can do is help you get rapid feedback from users with a reduced investment in time and money.

Do you offer staff augmentation services?

It depends on your definition of Staff Augmentation. If all you need is one Developer with a particular profile, to integrate to your team, then no. If you need a team of 2 or more highly qualified people that can bring you high value, thanks to their complementing skills, then yes.