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MVP Definition

With the objective of reducing the investment necessary in time and money to develop, we design an MVP, a minimum viable product to test how the idea works.
This service takes concepts from Lean Startup, Lean Inception, Design Thinking and is supported by the use of co-creation workshops, pre-validation with users and functional prototypes.

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MVP Implementation

With the scope of the MVP already defined, we will build it in the shortest possible time involving a reduced multidisciplinary team.
Once launching the market, we will help you collect and analyze the feedback from your first users, obtaining clear metrics to define the first adjustments to be made to your product.

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Dedicated teams

We accelerate the development of your product with incredible teams prepared for action, specifically designed for all the requirements of a startup: Agile, dedicated and collaborative (they can work along with your team too).  We include all the necessary profiles in technological development, such as a Product Owner, Quality Analysts, UX / UI Designers and Developers.

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Whether in technological decision-making, user experience, definition of new products or in the validation of existing products, we are there to increase the value of your business.
In this stage we work side by side sharing our expertise to improve your product and create more efficient processes that result in maximizing profits.

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Fifteen years as technology experts and five years specialized in startups support us as experts in guiding, advising and accompanying innovative startups or spinoffs.